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Paws In The City Quick Donation Form
Thank you for supporting Paws in the City! You can make a quick one-time or recurring donation in any amount and select how the funds should be used.
   Annual Campaign - To provide funds to be used in any area needed to complete the mission of Paws in The City to find loving forever homes for abandoned and neglected cats and dogs.
   Landes Fund
 - To alleviate behavioral issues which is one of the main reasons dogs are abandoned by providing professional training for animals in our care so that they will fit in with the other residents of their new homes.
   Wyly Fund - To provide medical treatment for emergency or major medical expenses for the animals in our care.
   The Fairy Godmother Fund
 - To provide grants to individuals whose own animals require emergency or major medical expenses that they cannot afford.
   The General Fund
 - To provide funds to cover the day-to-day expenses required to complete the mission of Paws in the City.
   Designated Funds - To answer the request for donations to assist with the cost for a specific animal with great need for either very expensive treatment or long term care.
   Adoption Fee - payments are for those who have completed an adoption of one of our dogs and wish to pay the fee online.

If you are donating to help a specific animal, paying an adoption fee donation or want to make the donation in honor of or in memory of another person or animal, you can designate the donation as such at checkout. If you want us to send acknowledgment to someone, please provide their address. 
$125.00    (use for cat/kitten adoptions)
$200.00    (use for adult dog adoption donation)
$250.00    (use for puppy adoptions - under 6 mos.)
Please us Paypal for all future donations